31 January 2009


The 2006 independent film ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ is a road-movie about a family traveling to a beauty pageant, with a mass number of scene’s involving the family vehicle and the family interaction in a confined space.

The family contain the mother Sheryl Hoover (Toni Collette), her suicidal brother Frank (Steve Carell), Sheryl’s husband Richard (Greg Kinnear) who is trying to build up a business in motivational speaking. Their colour-blind son Dwayne (Paul Dano), Richard’s Dad Edwin (Alan Arkin) who has been evicted from his retirement home for taking heroin and his granddaughter Olive (Abigail Breslin).

Olive has been entered into the ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ beauty pageant in California, her parents and granddad want to go however they cant leave her brother Dwayne and the suicidal Frank alone, however they have no money so they all take the yellow Volkswagen on an 800 mile journey. Along the journey the van breaks down so they have to push it until it starts if they stop, the dad Richard doesn't get a contract for a job so his motivational talks take a setback, Frank meets his old partner who is now in a relationship with his academic rival, who prompted his suicide attempt. Edwin the granddad dies due to a heroin overdose, which results in the family smuggling the body out of the hospital as they wont let them get to the beauty pageant, a policeman nearly finds the body in the back, Dwayne finds out he is colour-blind so he is unable to fly a plane, which is his dream. While all this is going on the mum Sheryl is trying to hold everything together. 

This is a really good independent film, as it hasn't gone the same way as many other independent films have gone by making a story that goes across a number of social background’s not just the people who watch hollywood mainstream and independent films.

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