31 January 2009


Rear Window is a suspense film, it takes peoples voyeurism issues out to a wider audience, this film is one of Hitchcock’s best films, from the wide range that has been released that says a lot.

The film tells a story of a photographer L.B. Jeffries (James Stewart) with a broken leg, and unable to move from his New York apartment, he starts to get interested in his neighbours as he doesn't know them well, due to his busy work schedule. He discovers some lonely souls and a Husband and his bed-ridden Wife, this man is Lars Thorwald (Raymond Burr).

Jeffries is visited by his nurse and his girlfriend everyday he discusses his neighbours with them. Jeffries notices that the Husband across the way, Thorwald, has been making a lot of late-night work trips, with huge bags. Jeffries notices that his wife is now gone, Jeffries has now told this to his visitors and they are now convinced that Thorwald has killed his wife. When Thorwald leaves his apartment for a fake meeting with Jeffries, Lisa Carol Fremont (Grace Kelly) enters Thorwald’s flat to investigate, she discovers a left behind wedding ring, the police arrive after Thorwald finds Lisa in the flat and nearly attacks her. Lisa signals across the set, which Hitchcock had built as he couldn’t find a perfect set with good enough lighting so he built one of the biggest sets in film history. Thorwald notices who Lisa is looking at and when Lisa is taken to the Police station goes over to attack and eventually through Jeffries out of the window. Jeffries ends up with two broken legs but has solved a murder that would have gone unnoticed.

In 2007 ‘Disturbia’ was released as an updated version of ‘Rear Window’ Kale Brecht (Shia LaBeouf) thinks his neighbour is a serial killer and his movement is restricted to his home due to an ankle monitor.

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