02 February 2009


I was really drawn to the painting by Raqib Shaw, it had a really refreshing take on Hans Holbien original take on Jane Seymour the younger’s.

Shaw has embellished the picture with dramatic explosions and animal type features her new face reminds me of a primitive fish, almost a piranha. Jane Seymour was Henry the eight’s favourite wife as she bore him his first son, Edward, however he was very frail and didn't seem likely that he would live to be King, however when Henry died he became King at the age of nine. 

Shaw has recreated many of Holbein’s works of art as he is the first western artist that he came upon when he came to the UK. He views Holbein’s original work as pure in an impure time now if the paintings were updated into the press today this is how every one would be perceived. 

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