23 February 2009


This book looks at different types of art styles used in animation, it shows a mass number of underground animators and their most experimental work. I won this book on the channel 4 competition website, so therefore it is one of my most prized books. The book has a combination of 3D Maya work, Flash work and Drawn work.

The book has showcased a vast number of independent animators almost 60 of them in this book, the book also provides screenshots of the different films, and their process in making the films, it is a very valuable resource for my personal work and being able to recreate a similar style.

Jennifer A. Cable who has used 16mm film and scratched onto it with an X-Acto knife and coloured in the marks with permanent markers. Digital Kitchen also have a section in the book where they discuss working with paper and using the animators hands within the animation.

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