01 February 2009


The Third Man is a British Noir film, it is classically remembered by the reveal of Harry Lime (Orson Wells) in an lit-up doorway. The Third Man is a definitive noir film, the use of black and white accentuate the moral values in the film.

The story goes that Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten) is invited by his childhood friend to visit and work with him in Vienna. Only when he arrives he find's out the he is dead, this due to being run over by a van, Martins just makes it to Lime's funeral, which causes him attention by the local British Army Captain, Major Calloway (Trevor Howard).

Calloway invites Martins to a bar, after the funeral, here he learns that his friend was nothing like the man he knew, he was in-fact a leader of a group of black market workers. Calloway advises Martins to leave Vienna as nothing good can happen if he stay's there. Martins decides to visit Limes girlfriend Anna Schmidt (Alida Valli), during a conversation between them Martins gets suspicious that Limes death was not an accident. During the film Holly Martins reveals he is writing a book named 'The Third Man' which is based on true events.

I really enjoyed the film, I love the suspense throughout the film to find out that Lime is still alive and is willing to keep his friends and girlfriend in danger. Lime ends up being a victim of the Viennese black market trades and depression. 

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